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About Dawah Nigeria

The project arose out of a desire to provide a platform for reaching out to the teeming Nigerian Muslim populace. It aims to be a convergence point for Muslims in Nigeria and around the world to learn more about the beautiful religion of Allah among other features. The project is executed and maintained by Edawah Technologies (, the technology partner of the main body, The Edawah Foundation.

Our Apps

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Launch Dawah Nigeria Quiz! Version 1.0, Launched Ramadan 1st, 1433

Our Projects

The Dawahnigeria project is a huge initiative crafted to address the present and future needs of Nigerian Muslims. Our goal, as a body, is to expand the frontiers of IT in the propagation of Islam.
The dynamic nature of IT imposes dynamism on our methodology. Below are the projects we have worked on and some of the major projects we intend to execute, insha Allah:

  • Dawahcast(R): Provision of lecture in audio format of more than 20 resource persons in 4 languages (English, Hausa, Igbo & Yoruba)
  • Dawahnigeria Mobile: A mobile version of the project
  • Dawahnigeria Careers: Career blog and provision of job openings from various companies in Nigeria and 15 other countries
  • Dawahnigeria Articles: Provision of quality articles from various sources. The well tagged articles cover almost 70 topic areas relevant to both Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • Dawahnigeria Qur’an: Provision of qur’an recitations in various Nigerian intonations. We also have a section where users can carry out research and analysis on qur’an text.
  • Dawahnigeria News Service (DNS): An innovative news portal that aggregates news from tens of news sources all over the world. The news items are creatively grouped and displayed either as text or an overlay over a map. Users can also search, print news and subscribe to feeds.
  • Dawahnigeria Hotspot: An innovative approach to create secondary and tertiary audience for selected resource persons allowing local and international users to consistently follow-up on their weekly programs.
  • Dawahnigeria Ramadan Portal: A dedicated hotspot portal for Ramadan built for people to follow-up on daily tafseer sessions of numerous centers across the country
  • Dawahnigeria Radio Station: An online radio that runs 24/7. We are progressively refining it to become a world-class radio station for Islamic propagation and improve professionalism.
  • Dawahnigeria Apps Center: A center built to showcase various apps built by our team. For now, we only have a quiz app with almost 4500 objective questions (easy, intermediate and advanced), with answers and little explanation on various areas of Islamic field of knowledge.

Coming soon, insha Allah, in other phases

  • Dawahnigeria Marketplace: a store for buying and selling of Islamic resources. It is primarily for assisting scholars to publish and profit from their quality works.
  • Dawahnigeria Career II: linking organizations with qualified Muslims for recruitment. It would host submitted CVs from users, creatively manage and present to recruiting organizations.
  • Dawahnigeria TV: A portal to provide resources in video format, both live and recorded.
  • Dawahnigeria e-Madrasah: An innovative approach to learning Islam using technology and delivered in various Nigerian languages. Modalities would be tailored towards people with busy schedules or those who find it difficult to learn the conventional way.
  • Dawahnigeria Directory: An ambitious project to index Nigeria’s mosques, Muslim businesses, schools, madrasahs, hospitals and grave yards.
  • Dawahnigeria Events: an event portal to enable the Muslim populace follow-up on beneficial event including lectures, seminars, training, workshops etc taking place across the country.
  • Dawahnigeria Library: a collection of digital books, journals, paper presentation, power point slides, useful audios and videos etc from notable resource persons all over the country Dawahnigeria AudioBook Project: a huge goal to produce as many quality books of early and contemporary scholars into audio format. The audio books would be in various Nigerian languages.
  • Dawahnigeria Ummah Project: a mini-social networking portal to foster intellectual collaboration among Nigerian Muslims. A section of it is to function like a business club where professionals and business men can exchange information and aid mutual progress.
  • Dawahnigeria Academia: A comprehensive wiki on Nigerian universities containing full information about them. We would also have internship and scholarship information, campus news, intellectual collaboration, counseling and other resources useful to students.
  • Dawahnigeria Fatawa: Bridging the gap between scholars and inquisitive Muslims Dawahnigeria Answers: A portal where users can ask questions and get answers on various issues ranging from relationship issues to business. There would be a section for expert opinions from registered volunteer ‘Role Models’.
  • Dawahnigeria Desktop Station: A slimmed down version of dawahnigeria articles, fatawa and multimedia that runs on a compact disk or flash drive.